Monday, July 30, 2007

Technology tells no lies

Last week I went in for a pelvic MRI. I had a cyst in my one remaining ovary and they had done a CT scan, an ultrasound and finally an MRI to make sure that sucker was benign. The verdict was that I have several small follicular cysts - normal cysts involved in the ovulation process. Good news!

And for more good news... while I was in the MRI tube they did an abdominal scan to make sure everything looked okey-dokey. I am the proud owner of a healthy liver, pancreas, kidneys and I have no enlarged lymphnodes. Woo Hoo! I ran around the house screaming "Yay!" for about five minutes after I heard the news.

Hopefully this will calm my nerves a bit and help the achingly slow realization that I am cancer-free.

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Anonymous said...

YAY for good news! I hope this helps to banish that black cloud over your head.