Saturday, June 9, 2007

getting better all the time

Three weeks out from Chemo. Withe the exception of my neuropathy (numbness and tingling in fingers, feet and mouth) I'm feeling a little better every day. The oncologist said that the neuropathy would get worse before it got better, so I was expecting it. It's frustrating, though. Chemo isn't something that ends and then your done with it. You finish taking the drugs and then have to wait for your body to do it's thang and rid itself of all the toxicity. I've been told that some of the side effects can last for up to a year and some could even be permanent. I just want to be done. I know that I will get better and better every day but somehow it feels like a raw deal to not just be done and have it all be gone. Hrumph.

In other, non-cancer news I started a part-time summer job today. Meeting high school exchange students at SFO and helping them get to where they need to go. I think it will be kinda fun. It's gotta be better than the job I've had for the last nine months: sitting in a chair about to barf. I really have to say that I don't recommend that job. Also - doesn't pay well enough.

In other, sort of cancer related news, Scout needs your love. Specifically in the form of leg massage. He went to see my acupuncturist today and she said she hadn't felt such tight muscles in years, it felt like he'd just run 20 miles. She recommended he get massages regularly to deal with the tension. So, if anyone wants to volunteer or buy him a gift certificate, I'm sure he would be mighty grateful. Poor Scouty - it's like he's a cancer vortex.

Okay, cyberkids, I gotta sign off. It's been a blast kvetching to you.

You are all superstars.


Anonymous said...

Tried to email your gmail account, but it bounced. Thanks for commenting on my blog (!

Spencer Douglas said...

I'm so glad you quit that 9-month job. It's about time!

Wish I was there to help Scout with his legs.

Tight leg muscles+diabetes=neuropathic (read: sad) feet and toes

Make sure he does something about that.

In other news: Did I mention I'm excited you're coming to visit?!?