Saturday, June 2, 2007


I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. It's been a week since the last chemo and the chemicals are starting to leave my body. Only this time, I don't have that good feeling followed immediately by a feeling of dread that in a few short days I'll have to feel crappy again. It's such a relief!

I've also realized how much the decadron affected my mood. Steroids are no fun! Down with steroids! I felt grumpy and slightly psychotic for 6 months and now that I'm back to normal I've realized how much of it was the drugs and not just cancer emotions.

Well, it can only go up from here, as they say.


Ed said...

Thanks for your posts. I have started a blog of my own, partly inspired by your efforts. If you would like to follow along on MY journey through chemo, now that yours is winding up, you will find me at


Randy Matthews said...


Your courage is inspiring. Thank you for writing about this.

I hope you go visit Spencer in Japan. I know that he would love to see you and it would be so great for the two of you to spend time together there.