Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last night I was trying to get my puppy's attention. His name is Murphy, but due to a brain fart, I yelled out "Murpy". Then they started. For some unknown reason I found the sound of "Murpy" really funny and I got the giggles. You know - laughing so hard you don't even make any noise, tears streaming down your cheeks, sides hurting from laughing for so long - the giggles.

Haven't had the giggles in *while*. While I've cracked macabre jokes through this whole cancer bullshit, and I've snickered a time or two, I haven't had the giggles once. Things were not really that funny.

So, I take this attack of giggles to be a sign that I am moving on, getting better, and able to let go in a way I haven't for many months.

Hee Hee.

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Anonymous said...

It is heartening that your reality of humor has returned. I am fully in the throes of your very first post right now (it's all about the poo).