Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I like Chinese food, but Chinese food doesn't always like me

I think Chinese food is great. You get your protein, your veggies and your rice. What more do you need? Thousands of years and millions (billions?) of Chinese people can't be wrong.

Sometimes, though, the Chinese food doesn't love me back. (Sigh.)

You see, gentle reader, I am viciously allergic to MSG. If I eat even a small amount, perhaps a picogram, I get a migraine lasting for four or five days. If you don't know anyone who gets migraines I'll just say that a friend of mine once said that the only pain she's felt that comes close to that of a migraine is childbirth.

So, I generally steer clear of Chinese food. But really, can one be expected to live without it completely? No, the answer is clearly no.

Here begins my quest: find good tasting Chinese food delivery with no MSG. And not just one whose menu says "No MSG" because I can tell you many stories of charlatans and hucksters who claim "No MSG" but have poisoned me with their evil brew, nonetheless.

Last night, I dared to dream the impossible dream -- I ordered Chinese delivery.

It came quickly, 20 minutes or so, and smelled wonderful. I spooned out some Hunan Chicken and rice and put 2 potstickers on a small side plate. Then, I opened my mouth and shoveled it in. "Once more into the breech!" I cried as I dipped a potsticker in sauce and took a gigantic bite.

Then, I waited. If I was going to get a migraine I would start to get the auras (little visual hallucinations) about 30-45 minutes after the meal.

30 min passed. 40 min. 1 hour. No headache! I have found a Chinese restaurant that loves me back!

Hooray for Hunan Cafe #2!

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Ed said...

Way to go, Megan! Taking some gastronomic risk every now and then is a good thing, in my book, and I am even doing some DURING chemo. I want my gut to know that some tastes (to me) are important to tolerate. Now, I am not allergic to MSG, so I am a little less inclined to worry... But I am glad for you to have found a restaurant that gives you the taste you crave without the ingredient you can't tolerate.