Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yet another reason why I should listen to my body

I've been trying to eat better since I was diagnosed. My cousin signed me up for an organic produce delivery service (Yum!) and I've been eating more poultry and fish and less red meat. And let me qualify this by saying that before all this I *loved* red meat. Would eat it everyday if I could. Burgers, steaks, lamb chops. Oh, I loved it all.

Since I stopped chemo I've noticed something weird. I don't want red meat anymore. The thought of it makes me feel a bit sick, actually. Which is really perplexing. Then, something equally as strange happened the other day; I got some fries, ate about 10 of them and then stopped. I just didn't want them. Who doesn't like fries?

Then, I read this today:

It basically says that if you eat a diet high in red meat, fat and sugar you have a 350% greater chance of colon cancer reccurrence.


I'm telling you folks, just pay attention to your body. It has more wisdom than you know.

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Elaine said...

Thanks for the info on diet. I had it all wrong and was stuffing my face with anything that tasted good after six months of tasting metal in my mouth at all times. No advice from the Dr. as to what to do to prevent a recurrance. My chemo ended in January. I have my second 3 month checkup in Oct. and I am scared each time. Met a guy in the waiting room last visit and he is still scared after a year. I don't think it goes away. We have to be alert to early signs though. I really want to continue to live for a while yet and seems you do too. Best to you in your pursuit of a field of study. I'll bet you will suceed in whatever you finally decide.