Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How can I learn to be more needy?

I'm feeling overwhelmed lately. I have many things on my plate that need to get done and I just feel like it's all piling up. Work stuff, grad school application stuff, medical stuff, daily household stuff -- none of it is that huge on its own but in combination with my lingering chemo fatigue, insomnia and recurrent pain from adhesions from my surgery a year ago I'm feeling like I might collapse under the weight.

Here's the thing, though - it doesn't need to be this bad. Yeah, it's a lot, but I've somehow always felt like I need to do it all on my own. I *know* that's not true and that I have lots of loving people who could help me out. Somewhere in my past I convinced myself I am Atlas. That if I don't hold up the world it will all come crashing down.

So what I'm pondering is this: if you know something in your mind, how do you incorporate it into your soul/heart/psyche?


Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like an easy question to spice up an otherwise routine Friday morning, eh? Just kidding, of course. :) I have found this issue to be a central challenge for me as well, and I am not even done with the chemo yet! My wife is constantly reminding me that I have the most-excellent and unarguable excuse - but I still struggle with asking for help. But you know what? Once you do it you realize that it benefits the helper as mych as the helpee...

SO, my suggestion id that you reform your question from "how can I learn to be more needy" to "how can I learn to gracefully accept the help others want to give me?" You will find, if my experience is any guide, that being helped is a good thing. And the surrender of a small amount of control is very enlivening.

Good luck, Megan. You are often in my thoughts!


Spencer Douglas said...

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