Saturday, October 13, 2007

I only teared up a little, tiny bit

When I was in the hospital recovering from my surgery I was on all sorts of funky drugs to speed my wound repair. One of the unintended side effects was that my nose piercing closed up.

I missed it. It had been part of me for so long. My face just looked off when I looked in the mirror. But there was no frickin' way I was going to intentionally cause myself one iota of pain by re-piercing it. Noooooo thank you. I had my fair share of pain from the surgery and the neropathy from the chemo. I was *done* with pain.

Until today.

Scout looked at me this morning and said, "we're going down to Haight street and you are getting your nose pierced again." And he was right. And we did. It hurt a little, but was so minor compared to, say, having a hemotoma drained. And because they didn't have to do a whole new piercing, it was only $2. Hooray!

The intense, unabated pain. One more thing I can leave behind as I slowly ease back into normality. Or whatever normal is once you've had cancer.

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pocketina said...

You know, it's funny...over the past several months, I've been obsessed with stretching my ear holes, and your post made me wonder if it's the desire to be in control of a body modification for once, after getting all these surgical scars last year.

Glad that you re-pierced!