Monday, January 21, 2008

Greetings, friend! You look like you may have cancer!

Yesterday Scout and I were waiting in line at the PetCo in North Beach (50-90% off! Store Closing! This location only!) and there was a woman in line ahead of us with the tell-tale bald head a homemade knit cap sticking out of her jacket pocket. I wanted to go up to her and say something supportive. Something to let her know that she was a kick-ass cancer fighting hero. But what opening line could I use? "Excuse me, I notice you are bald and have a knit cap that someone clearly made with love. You look like you may have cancer. May I offer a supportive hip-hip-hooray?"

Um, no.

So what's the appropriate way to do this? Perhaps there isn't one. Perhaps just because I've been through cancer it doesn't make it any of my business.

Maybe we should have a secret handshake. Or a gang sign -- maybe a hand in the shape of a "C" over your metaport scar. Yo.


Ed said...

Hi Megan,

I think your idea is cool - the "c" shape over the port site - but I also don't want to feel like I am in a gang or anything. I, too, feel like I notice so many more things occurring around me... and know that there are just too many things that I am not seeing as well. I cannot tellyou how many people - close friends and new acquaintances - who, upon hearing of my diagnosis and treatment, volunteered their personal experience of cancer. For nearly all of them, you would NEVER know by looking at them. WE are only "obvious" during chemo, really.

So, a suggestion: Pour out your karmic energy toward anyone you think needs it. Offer to help carry groceries (remember how weak we felt when we were in chemo?), or just smile and wish them a very good day (I sure needed a bunch of those...)

And stay warm out there...

Tommy said...


You are hilarious! I am up with the "C" and since I already have my port, think that is sufficient to join your gang? Whadaya say?

I appreciate your humor.

Megan said...

Hey Tommy,

Thanks for your comments! Anyone who thinks I'm hilarious can join my gang. In fact that's the only criteria. (Or would that be criterium?)

I'll check out your blog. Keep kickin' some ass-cancer ass.