Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reaching a goal, only 14 short years later.

Many years ago when I finished college and finally had my first real job I decided to go into therapy. During our first session my therapist asked me what I wanted to get out of our time together.

"I want to be centered. I want to be calm and centered and happy."

Those years of therapy didn't quite get me there, although they did point me in the right direction. But today I realized that I have finally achieved that goal. I won't go into details, there are others involved who probably don't want to be blogged about, but I was calm and centered and happy in the midst of a storm that would have capsized me those many years ago. What great comfort and such a relief.

Ah, progress. Sweet, sweet progress.


scout. said...

That's only *2* years later, if you're a dog.

Megan said...

I'd like to point out to everyone out there on the web that I've been compared to a dog. If I weren't so fond of Scout, there be a whole lotta ass whoopin' heading in his direction.