Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'll get it in my cereal

I know I've been absent from my own blog. But the truth is, I'm really sick of all things cancer. I'd be happy if I never had to hear that frickin' word again. I know I have to get my CT cans, my colonoscopies, and all that, but I really just want to leave it all behind. While I fully support all those folks who, post-cancer, go to work for cancer organizations or become chemo nurses or support fellow cancer-citizens in some way, I'm not that person. I'm so sick of being a "patient" that I've made a vow not to have any diseases that require a daily pill. I'd even stopped taking my daily multivitamin for while - I'll get all the crap I need in my ultrafibersuperomegamiltivitiminous breakfast cereal.

So where does that leave this bog? I dunno. Maybe I'll start a new one. Maybe I'll record my deepest thoughts in some other way. Skywriting? Tantric archetypes? Cave paintings?


Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I vote for new one, assuming you have time in between work and travel and sipping cocktails on the lanai/veranda and doing all those fun things that regular people do.

Ed said...

Hi stranger,

I agree with the new blog idea, as well as Sugar's observation that I hope you can create some time to post to it! I have found that I am much more interested in cycling in the mornings (my usual posting time) than I am in documenting my thoughts and experiences on my blog.

Your blog, though, was the one that first inspired me to start my own... so on behalf of my friends and family, I want to thank you for that motivation. Please let me know where you end up with a new blog - should you start another one.

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