Friday, March 2, 2007

Colo-rectal cancer awareness month!

I just want to point out that March is colo-rectal cancer awareness month. So if you know someone out there who is over 50 or has colon or stomach cancer in their family, tell them to go get a colonoscopy! It's not fun, but not as bad as you think either. They give you lots of great drugs and you don't remember a thing. So go find out what's up your butt!

Have been in a pretty good mood lately. Getting half way through has helped, I think. I'm visualizing the day a year from now when my CT cans and colonoscopy are all clear and I can stop being cancer girl and start thinking about making it to 60 or 70 or 90 yrs. old again.

BTW- Thanks to Scout and Inger for their secret plan to get me coffee today. It was soooo worth it and you two are da bomb. It's the little things that make me able to get through all this, ya know?

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