Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Now I'm pissed

So the rollercoaster of emotions has just jet me off to pissed off. And what better reason to start a blog than to let the world know that you are pissed off.

I'm in the middle of chemo treatment 5 of 12 for colon cancer and I'm just tired of it. I'm sick of being cold (thanks, anemia!), sick of feeling almost naseated and really sick of thinking, talking and just generally existing around my poo. So sick of my poo. Really just wish I had months and months of normal poo.

Also, I want to drink cold things. The oxaliplatin robs you of lemonade, sodas and even room temp. water. Hot things just aren't what you want when you are feeling parched.

And, lastly, I want energy. Energy to take the dog for a walk or go to the corner store for a snack or walk down the beach at sunset. Unless I can find a really close parking space, you won't find me there.

But, I'm getting there. Almost half way through. I really hope that my WBC count stays high enough that I an do treatment 6 next week. I need to celebrate something right now, even if it's jut getting halfway through a miserable experience. If not, maybe I'll rent a really intolerable movie, pause it exactly half way through and pour myself a glass of wine.

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