Monday, April 23, 2007

And the waiting contiues...

Still no news on the CT scan from last Thursday. Left 3 messages at the dr.'s office today, but so far no response. (It's 5:30pm, I don't think anyone will be getting back to me today.) I know that the results are back because the receptionist told me they were. I guess for insurance reasons or whatever the receptionist can't tell me what these results actually say. I find this extremely frustrating. Someone, in fact several someones, know and have read my test results. They know whether my cancer is back or not. But due to legality they can't tell me. And the people who can tell me are too busy to call me back.

I just want to know if I still have cancer, godammit! Argh!

The medical system is on overload and people like me are suffering the consequences. It sucks. Plain and simple.

I have an appt. to get a blood draw tomorrow which is across the street. I think I'll march into the office and just ask for a copy of the test results. Hopefully it's not illegal for them to give me my own damn results.

Don't mind me. I'll just be here seething in the corner.

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