Thursday, April 5, 2007

Excuse me, do I know you?

Dear Everybody,

I've realized that there are people reading this blog who don't know me IRL. So who are you? What is your (or your friend/loved one's) diagnosis? Or are you just reading cancer blogs to feel better about not having cancer? If you are, I don't blame you. I read an article last week about a girl who was kidnapped at age 10 and forced to be a sex slave/soldier in Africa for 15 years, and I thought, "Wow. At least I only have cancer." So, no judgements here.

Also, let me know how you are making it work. I'm trying to stay positive and look toward a good prognosis. (Which may be hard to discern from my sarcastic writing style. I blame my grandfather - he gave me my sense of humor.) I'm meditating. There's a great set of mediation CD's by a Dr. named Martin Rossman called "Fighting Cancer From Within" that I got from Amazon. Also doing some Buddhist meditations. I like Tonglen a *lot*. I'm trying to laugh my way through the hard times. I'm re-reading Rachel Remen's books. I'm eating all the chocolate I want. And every now and again I have a really good, soul wrenching, cathartic cry. The kind where you sob and don't even make any noise and the tears just stream down your face. Sometimes that helps, too.

So post a comment or send an email. Let me know who's out there. We're all friends here. Or at least members of the same club.


Ingrr said...

I'm here, but you probably knew that already. Team Megan! KA-pow!

Wendy Mundell said...

I am a 41 year old who was diagnosed Jan 2006 with stage iv colon cancer. I must have found your blog address on the Colon Club message board? I too have a blog on my website


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a regular reader of Leroy's blog and my mom has recurrent pancreatic cancer. I like sharing how other people are dealing with cancer...makes me feel less alone. Thanks for your blog.

kario said...

I'm Kari. I stumbled on to your blog completely at random, liked the name, and stayed to read a bit. My father was recently diagnosed with stage II lung cancer and is currently going through chemo after surgery to remove a lobe of his lung. My grandfather (unrelated biologically to my father) is currently dying of stage IV lung cancer, having metastasized to his bones. I'm loving your story of survival and hoping to pass this along to my dad who is still quite young and in great health and in need of some cameraderie.

Tommy Rivera said...

Hi Megan,

You posted this almost a year ago, but here I am reading your blog from bottom to top. I caught it on i[2]y and after randomly reading through some of your posts, I decided to read through from the beginning. Mostly because I think you have a great sense of humor and I would like for that to be a big part of my treatment. I was just diagnosed on March 27th with Stage III Colon Caner at the ripe age of 35. Blogging has been pretty good therapy for me too -

Take care Megan! Looking forward to reading more and more about your knock out on cancer.

Anonymous said...

It's been a couple of years since you wrote, but we're still reading! You're probably not even reading this yourself now - it's just us fans and the blog spammers. :) I first found your blog last year when I got my endometrial cancer diagnosis (stage 3c) at age 43 and was reading all the cancer blogs I could find, and just now returned to it because I recently found out I have Lynch Syndrome and I couldn't remember if you had it or or not. Anyway, you've written some of my favorite bloggy stuff on cancer. Thank you!